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2020-06-13 08:26 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: "Fair Catch"

A coming-of-age romance about friendship, football, and finding your place in the world.

Genre: YA LGBT

Ebook from Prizm

Kindle edition

Paperback from Amazon

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2013-06-21 11:29 am


It's been exactly a year since "Fair Catch" was published by Prizm!

Wow; how time flies.

Thank you to everyone who has read it, and thank you to the publisher for bringing it out into the world.

By the way -- I was checking the links and noticed that the Kindle edition price has been cut to under $4 US, so that's about half what the initial price was a year ago.

The paperback price has been cut a bit as well.

Everybody likes a cheaper price, right?
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2013-02-23 07:16 am

In which your author gets interviewed

Blogger Jamie Deacon interviewed me at The Boys on the Brink blog!

We talk about how I got the idea for "Fair Catch" and how the plot may push the boundaries of readers' expectations for a romance novel.

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2013-02-15 02:52 pm


Jamie Deacon has reposted that review of "Fair Catch" on the blog "Boys on the Brink."

Read it here!

Also, Jamie is offering a giveaway of the book in ebook form.

Check it out!

Thanks, Jamie!
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2013-01-24 09:15 pm

another review to share...

This one from! :)

Review of "Fair Catch"

by Jamie Deacon.

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2012-12-04 08:34 am

Christmas is coming....

And I know many people love getting books.

With that in mind, if you've read and enjoyed "Fair Catch", or even kinda liked it, please consider posting a review on

I understand that the 20-review mark is the "floor" for a book starting to possibly show up on their "recommendations" lists.

Have a wonderful holiday season! And thanks for reading. :)
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2012-10-14 08:05 am

Blogger reviews "Fair Catch"

Here's another nice review of the book! :)

Review by Joyfully Jay
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2012-10-08 09:29 pm
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Following links....

Jennifer Lavoie, who was featured along with me in an Author Q and A recently on The Advocate's website, pointed out this mention of our books on The Jock Book Review blog.

Funny -- a marketing hook was the last thing on my mind when I wrote "Fair Catch," but I can see how it would look that way to readers!

Anyway. There it is. :)
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2012-10-06 07:58 pm

college football

Watching West Virginia play Texas.... I confess to cheering West Virginia mostly because I don't want Texas to win!

But I'm falling in love with G. Smith!

West Virginia is the new team in the Big 12, and it's so fun to have a fresh team to watch!


I had to watch Texas beat Oklahoma State and that was heartbreaking.

This is a way too much excitement!
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2012-09-26 02:17 pm
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Author profile on The Advocate website

I am delight to share with you an author Q and A I did for The Advocate online with fellow writer Jennifer Lavoie!

Gay Boys in Sports

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2012-09-23 11:45 am

One cut over the line....

Over the last couple of weeks, I read the entire book again, the first time since the final editing that went on during the month of May.

One of the wonderful things about this book for me is that I still like it, after all this time, and as many times as I've read it.

I'm going to put another missing scene for you behind the cut here, but unlike the scene about New Orleans with Alex and Rob, this is a scene that should not have been deleted.

I created a continuity error for myself with this edit, and I brought it upon myself. Spoilers for my book behind the cut, as well as a missing scene that I shouldn't have deleted that involves the last game Blake plays in high school for the Mustangs.

Read more... )
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2012-09-16 04:56 pm

New blog for my publisher

Along with the redesign of the Prizm Books website, the company has launched a new blog just for the YA line.

Prizm blog

They've decided to widen their offerings -- all mainstream YA as well as specifically LBGT YA.

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2012-09-14 08:12 am

Prizm Books website redesign

My publisher has redesigned and relaunched its website!

Prizm Books

It's now much easier to find my book, "Fair Catch," by going in the "front door" of this site.

Prizm is the YA subsidiary of Torquere Books, and the reboot of the website also includes an expansion of their line. They are in the business of publishing GLBT YA books and short stories, but they also are now accepting submissions of all sorts of YA.

The new website looks very clean and cheery. Enjoy!
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2012-08-19 12:38 pm

Yes, I'm blogging again.

My day once again at the Torquere blog called Romance for the Rest of Us!

This time I'm discussing where and how my ideas come from.

The post is called

"See It, Hear It, Write It".

Hope you enjoy!
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2012-08-02 12:23 pm

Posting today at "Romance for the Rest of Us"

Torquere/Prizm has a couple of blogs where their authors are regularly featured.

Today it was my turn at "Romance for the Rest of Us," over on Blogger. I expanded on the process of finding the conflict within the relationship, instead of making the focus of the book the outside or external conflicts Blake and Alex face.

Hope you enjoy!

Also, I was thrilled to see my first "customer review" on the amazon site. I know that when I'm pondering buying something, I always read those reviews, so it was great to see one for my book.

The reviewer, Elisa Rolle, is a well-known online reviewer in our genre, and her livejournal, [ profile] elisa_rolle is a great place to find news about GLBT books.

It's supposed to be about 112 F here today! Ugh! Stay cool and think of fall.
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2012-07-30 07:09 am

Another GLBT YA book resource

Stumbled across this thanks to the marketing people at Torquere/Prizm!

Very interesting stuff. But that's what you get when you look at information put together by librarians! :)

Here's the GLBT resources page from the American Library Association's website.

And specificially, here's their list of books with GLBT characters aimed at teens. The list is alpha by author, and has old and new books.
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2012-07-21 09:58 am

Genre YA LBGT resource

Sorry for the radio silence -- been extremely busy with family related stuff and also the mainstream press marketing for "Fair Catch".

I'll try to be around more the rest of the summer.

Earlier I mentioned Malinda Lo's survey of all the YA LGBT books she could find published this year in the USA.

Another author, Rachel Manija, is focusing on developing a list specifically of fantasy and science fiction YA books with an LGBT protagonist or major character.

Her list is here, and she updates it periodically.
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2012-07-10 08:46 am

Links to follow

I know we've all followed links and been led from topic to topic on the web. I've lost entire days to this activity!

An invaluable place to start, if you are looking for LGBT fiction and reviews, is the roundups of links to reviews that Torquere's publicist does a couple of times a month.

Here's Kristi's most recent list, and I can tell you that following the links to those various book- and story-related sites will give you many interesting resources!

Thanks, Kristi!
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2012-07-09 09:41 am

Me again at Torquere's Livejournal community

Today I posted over at [ profile] torquere_social, and my topic is What to cut, what to keep.

As we all know, writing is a process of trial and error, every time. In the post, I talk about how I cut the book in half during rewriting, and how I found its spine.

Watch this space for some gift certificate giveaways!