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Got home today from some family-related errands and there was my package from Torquere: actual paperback copies of the book!

So exciting!

Just had to share the moment. :)

It's real! My book just happened!
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Blogger and author Malinda Lo is keeping track of all the YA LGBT titles published by a selected bunch of US publishers in 2012. "Fair Catch" made her quarterly list that includes June.

Looks like a good resource for books in this genre -- she has a "YA Pride" tag for all the posts that are tracking the new releases.
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Author and blogger Malinda Lo is doing something really fascinating.

In this post and others, she lists all of this year's YA novels with LGBT characters from a short list of (I believe) US presses, and then breaks down a bunch of statistics about them.

I found it interesting reading. She closes with an exhortation for people to write more books with non-straight characters -- I'm doing my part so far! :)
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The "buy" link is now available on for "Fair Catch" as a paperback book!

Paperback version here

Some of you had asked to be alerted when that happened, because although the book has been available since June 13 as a Kindle or an ebook direct from the publisher, you are traditionalists! :D

I'm a traditionalist too, to be honest, and I buy paperbacks or hard copies whenever possible. I hope they are not obsolete, although that is so out of my hands.

Anyway, enjoy!
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It's me again at the Torquere Blogger site today, "Romance for the Rest of Us, and this time I'm posting about the locations in "Fair Catch." They're a mix of real and imaginary, but why?

(Paperback edition coming soon! Really! :D )
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That's the motto of Torquere Press, along with their tagline, "Romance for the rest of us," meaning readers who are in the market for something other than traditional heterosexual romance novels.

And that's the topic of my post today at the publisher's Livejournal community, [ profile] torquere_social.

I hope things are better than they were a decade ago, as I say in my post, but judging from what Stephen Harper said in the post I linked to here previously, maybe things are changing slower than we hope.

What's your take on this issue? Comment on Dreamwidth, or Livejournal, or the Torquere community.
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Writing Nowadays: Those Gay Characters

by author Stephen Harper

From the Book View Cafe blog.

Advice on what cliches and stereotypes to avoid in 21st century writing about LGBT characters.
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Today was my day to "take the floor" at Torquere Press' blog, "Romance for the Rest of Us."

Here's my post, which covers how I did the research necessary to make the football portions of the book realistic!

Hope you enjoy!
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Today was my first day to post at the Livejournal community set up by Torquere Press to let people know about their books and to interact with authors.

They have a bunch of platforms to do that, of course, including a house blog and a Facebook presence, but as I've followed links, trying to get a sense of the online LGBT literature and LGBT romance communities, I've seen that Livejournal is a good place to find people.

I still love the way the threads work, too, for discussions. In my experience (which is far from being expert, but still...) there is nothing better than that style of threads for actual conversations!

I confess I'm a bit partial to the variations Dreamwidth has made with their revamp of the Livejournal code, but the Livejournal community for Torquere is an easy place to join the discussion.

Here's my post for today, about how I got started writing the book and where my interest in football came from.

I'll be posting at [ profile] torquere_social several more times this summer, and am planning to give away some gift certificates.

Hope you enjoy!
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I checked today and the Kindle version of "Fair Catch" is now available from amazon here.

As previously announced, you can also get the book in various other ebook formats directly from Prizm/Torquere here.

There will be an actual paperback available too -- that info when I get it.

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My publisher, Torquere/Prizm, has a blog called "Romance for the Rest of Us" that highlights new releases, author interviews, etc. I'll be posting over there soon.

Today it features an "outtake" from "Fair Catch" that was cut for length, and because, as fun as it was to write, it was a detour from the main route of the story.

A rib from the spine, you might say.

It features Alex and Rob in New Orleans.

Alex is one of our protagonists, and he's in New Orleans for a big game. Rob is his friend, something of a mentor, and Rob knows (don't we all?) that you can't not break curfew when you're in The Big Easy.

Hope you enjoy!

(Ebook link to the novel..... paperback coming soon as well.)
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I am delighted to announce that today is the publication day for the novel as an ebook. It's 7.99 US, and is available in a bunch of ebook formats.

Here's the link on the Prizm site. Prizm is a subsidiary of Torquere Press.

"Fair Catch" ebook


(Edited to Add: In a few days the link will be live to the paperback order form on amazon. So if you're holding out for a real book, that is coming! :D )

Not a GIP!

Jun. 6th, 2012 11:29 am
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Quite the opposite: my new icon is the book cover for "Fair Catch."

Today my editor, Elizabeth Brooks, sent me the art for the book!

It's so exciting to be getting so close to the release day! June 13.

Thank you to Alessia Brio for the sharp design. Read more... )


Jun. 1st, 2012 01:30 pm
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this is a test of the crossposter


Jun. 1st, 2012 09:18 am
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As Frank Herbert said, beginnings are such delicate times!

Here is a brand new journal created for the purpose of celebrating the publication of my novel, "Fair Catch", due out in a couple of weeks from Torquere Prizm.

This is my first published novel, though I've written thousands of words of amateur stories and been published as a journalist. As you can imagine, this is very exciting!

In future posts I'll tell you more about myself, about the book, and I hope you'll join the conversation.

And if I succeed in whetting your appetite, the book will be available in several formats on June 13 for purchase.

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